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Equality Information

The basic equality between all human beings has always been fundamental to Catholic belief and teaching. 

St John’s Catholic Primary School acknowledges and welcomes diversity among pupils, staff, governors and visitors. The staff and governors are committed to promoting equality by tackling the barriers, which could lead to unequal outcomes so that there is equality of access and the diversity within the school community.  We believe that equality at our school should permeate all aspects of school life and is the responsibility of every member of the school and wider community. 

Every member of the school community should feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth.  At St John’s equality is a key principle for treating all people the same, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs/faith tradition, sexual orientation, age or any other of the protected characteristics (Single Equalities Act 2010).  We promote the principles of fairness and justice for all through the education that we provide in our school.

Our Objectives

At St John’s Catholic Primary we achieve equality for all through:

  • Developing respect for others through an appreciation of God’s presence in every human being.
  • Ensuring that every child benefits from a well-balanced curriculum delivered with commitment and enthusiasm which promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity
  • Ensuring that a secure, safe and fair environment exists in which children including in particular, those with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act, 2010, may develop self – esteem and sense of purpose, in order that their strengths be fully realised and are in consequence more likely to make at least good progress.


Additional information about including the Gender Pag Gap report can be found on the Trust website